the two pictures that I took I try my best to a least represent framing I try my best to focus on the frog and the background and the lighting make the picture look great.

tips for better composition

1- rule of third- place focal objects at 1/3 or 2/3 of the frame horizontally or vertical.

2-balance elements-if certain things are heavily emphasized on one side of the image try to incorporate another element.

3-horizon line- if horizon- if horizon line is present place it above or below horizontal center or frame.

4- simplify and fill the frame- with the focus of the image so viewers know what they need to be looking at.

5-use lines- (walls, fences, telephone lines, etc) to help guide viewers eyes towards what they should be looking at.

6-frame within a frame- use archways windows caves branches etc. to create a natural frame that further emphasizes focal point of image.

7-depth- capture foreground middle ground and background to create a sense of depth.

8-symmetry/ patterns- look for symmetry patterns and capture an image or moment that breaks the sense of other.

9-color/texture- look for contrasting colors/texture/or an unexpected splash of color for a dynamic image.

one the rules are kwon is not necessary to be afraid to break the rules!


the point about this three photos is that they are focusing on the interesting and the viewpoint from all the stuff outside our home and tell us that we can find more things that we can find

shadowing and light

the two pictures that I took about shadow is because they are the objects that is blocking the light the thing that I like about this picture is about the natural things that are outside to take pictures and they reflects the beautiful of the nature that the earth give us.

what I learn about camera exposure.

I’ve learned that aperture is the amount of light that enters on the camera and the duration of the exposure when the camera sensor is open or closed to incoming light from the camera  lens it is called camera shutters. the sensitivity to incoming light is determined by the ISO speed.