social and political issues

I going to talk about gun violence gun violence is a daily tragedy affecting the lives of other people around the world more that 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms.

many people are afraid of gun violence, this can also have a negative impact on people right to education or health care when they are to afraid to attend schools because of the violence in their Community many people died many kids grabbing their parents or other persons gun to kill students in their school or people killing others only for fun sometimes I think that guns are not bad they work to defend our self to defend or Family but people there’s some people that they used guns to used on violence and killing innocent people.

Shoot like Aaron Siskind

lAaron sinking was an American photographer whose work focusses on detail go things presented as flat surfaces to created a new image independent of the original subject he was well know for his pictures white and black close range and aerial photos of surfaces and objects.

this is the pictures I took to represent his work.


Depth of Field Explained

taking a photo, there is a preference of how much depth you want in your photo and which you can lead the viewer attention to a specific angle or object in your photo you can control the depth and field by adjusting the aperture setting on your camera but there is another way like putting your camera close to and. a object and switching your camera to portrait mode and taking the picture. and you are going to get a good depth field .



Pictures that I took.


the two pictures that I took I try my best to a least represent framing I try my best to focus on the frog and the background and the lighting make the picture look great.

tips for better composition

1- rule of third- place focal objects at 1/3 or 2/3 of the frame horizontally or vertical.

2-balance elements-if certain things are heavily emphasized on one side of the image try to incorporate another element.

3-horizon line- if horizon- if horizon line is present place it above or below horizontal center or frame.

4- simplify and fill the frame- with the focus of the image so viewers know what they need to be looking at.

5-use lines- (walls, fences, telephone lines, etc) to help guide viewers eyes towards what they should be looking at.

6-frame within a frame- use archways windows caves branches etc. to create a natural frame that further emphasizes focal point of image.

7-depth- capture foreground middle ground and background to create a sense of depth.

8-symmetry/ patterns- look for symmetry patterns and capture an image or moment that breaks the sense of other.

9-color/texture- look for contrasting colors/texture/or an unexpected splash of color for a dynamic image.

one the rules are kwon is not necessary to be afraid to break the rules!